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Yussuf arrives in Egypt. Jami. Yussuf and Zulaikha. The Metropolitan Museum, New York. 13.228.5, f. 58. 1523-1524. Bukhara
YUSSUF ARRIVES IN EGYPT, Jami. Yussuf and Zulaikha

Like on many Oriental miniatures here we can see two events. First is a Yussufs voyage to Egypt and the second one is selling him into slavery.
Main accent is on the voyage. Yussuf is placed in upper part of the miniature. The boat of Yussuf takes mostly all space of the picture. The centre of the boat is a cross-poled mast around which there are people sailing to Egypt. The gestures of the men give some dynamics to the drawing and create the impression of movement. Rhythm of silhouettes, complex motions of the men and complete composition creates unique atmosphere.
The lower part of the picture is more traditional. Static and stable figures, horizontal line of the ground, meadow with flowers intensify dynamics of the sea scene that is the main one on this miniature.
The bodies of Yussuf and his servants go along the shape of the boat. Around the head of Yussuf there is a flaming aureole marking his holiness. That tells us about happy end of this story.