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The wedding of Mikhr and Nahids. Assar. Mikhr va Mushtari. The Freer Gallery. Washington. 1523. Bukhara
THE WEDDING OF MIHR AND NAHIDS, Assar. Mikhr va Mushtarb

As it was said before everyday scenes of common life are depicted very often in Oriental painting. On this miniature we see the wedding scene between prince Mikhr and beautiful daughter of Horesm tsar Nahids.
For the expression of love to the Almighty the author uses lyrics and love vocabulary.
Allegory, associate features and symbolism are typical for this miniature painting. Its composition combines exterior and interior, the palace and landscape. Geometrical background, beautiful ornament are added by some elements describing everyday life in the palace: a dark-skinned guard, an orchestra, maids, ladies-in-waiting.
Bright and festive colours create the atmosphere of joy and happiness of lovers.