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Majnun in the desert. Alishir Navoi. Collected works. MS 559 SPL, Dorn, f.151b. 1521-1522. Shahrukhia (Tashkent)

There is one of the scenes from Navois poem Laili i Majnun where Majnun runs away to the desert from people because they parted him and his lover Laili. Here we see simple scene and that helps us to realize the idea of the legend: loneliness and sorrows of love.
Thin and fragile figure of Madjnun is merged into single entity with nature. Flowing lines repeat the outlines of the hills where there are deer, lions, foxes and a leopard. There is harmony all around and the only horseman interferes it. The duke Naufal wants to help Madjnun to see Laili. Red dress of Naufal contrasts against the green colours of the hill. Nature is animated on this miniature: we can see a head of the bear in the outlines of the hill.