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Gengis Khan receives his sons on the bank of the Syr-Darya. Masud ibn Osman-i Kukhistani. History of Abul-Khair-Khan. IOS AS Usbek SSR. MS 9989, f. 139b. The 1540s. Samarkand
GENGIS KHAN RECEIVES HIS SONS ON THE BANK OF THE SYR-DARYA, Masud ibn Osman-i Kukhhtani. History of Abul-Khair-Khan

This manuscript is done according to the order of Abd al-Latif-Khan (1540-1551), the grandson of Abul-Khair-Khan.
On the illustrations to this manuscript we see typical features of Maverannakhr of XVI century. In the centre of composition there is Gengis Khan and his sons around him. Near there is his court sitting on the carpet. The figures of these men are smaller than the one of Gengis. This scene is in the step, not in the palace. That tells us about rough wandering life in Central Asia. Art idea is laconic, but the author tries to render a historical episode by special elements, e.g. a quiver. Its dimensions are like the figures of court people. This scale is not random. Gengis is a warrior, his arrows show us it. This element is symbolic here.
In the foreground there are the horses richly decorated. Horses are friends to a warrior, thats why their figures take large part on this miniature.
Colour scheme is not bright, the author uses mainly golden, blue and green tones.