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Gazan-Khan gives a feast for the notables in his tent in Urjann. Masud ibn Osman-i Kukhistani. History of Abul-Khair-Khan. IOS AS Usbek SSR. MS 9989, f. 1373. The 1540s. Samarkand
GAZAN-KHAN   GIVES  A  FEAST  FOR THE NOTABLES IN HIS TENT IN URJANN Masud   ibn   Osman-i   Kukhistani.   History of Abul-Khair-Khan

Composition, style and characters of this miniature are like on Gengis Khan receives his sons on the bank of the Syr-Darya. So we suppose that it should be done by the same miniaturist. The difference between them is in colour scheme: here it is not golden as on the other miniatures, but dark green. Blue sky, a white yurt and a red tent create a bright and decorative effect. In the field there are a lot of small flowers. The carpet ornament and the ornament of the field are like. That tells us about wandering life of Sheibanids.