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Muhammad Murad Samarkandi. Feridun and his men cross the Ervend (Tigris). Firdawsi. Shah-nama. IOS AS Usbek SSR, MS 1811, f. 19b. 1556-1557. Central Asia
Muhammad   Murad   Samarkandi FERIDUN   AND   HIS   MEN   CROSS   THE ERVEND (TIGRIS), Firdawsi. Shah-nama

Feridun is a mythological tsar who liberates Iran from Zokhak. The old idea of this legend is a myth about the struggle between Golden Sun and Black Cloud Dragon. Feridun is a symbol of victory, justice and independence.
To get to the palace of Zokhak the soldiers of Feridun should cross Ervend. They have no boats, so the men decide to cross the river by swimming. We do not see the sky but dark waves of the river and men. The composition of this miniature is in motion and its colours help us to realize it.
Looking at that miniature we admire the work of talented miniaturist who could create that special heroic spirit.