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Muhammad Murad Samarkandi. Gudarz pursues Piran in battle and sends him up hill. Firdawsi. Shah-nama. IOS AS Usbek SSR, MS 1811, f. 228. 1556-1557. Central Asia
Muhammad   Murad   Sarnarkandi GUDARZ  PURSUES   PIRAN   IN   BATTLE AND SENDS HIM UP HILL, Firdawsi. Shah-nama

One of the main themes in poem of Firdawsi Shah-nama there is a struggle between Iran and Turan countries in which the winner is Iran. Turan soldier Piran was one of the most courage man. In the last battle Iran hero Gudarz pursued Piran and sent him up the hill. From that hill Piran jumped down because of his failure in the battle. This scene is depicted on this miniature in style of Muhammad Murad.
Tragic spirit and tense of the battle scene are shown with a try to impart some psychology to the content. The composition is asymmetrical; animated rocks, gesture of the hero, dark colour scheme create a special emotional atmosphere of this miniature.