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Muhammad Murad Samarkandi. Bewailing the loss of Iskender. Firdawsi. Shah-nama. IOS AS Usbek SSR, MS 1811, f. 353. 1556-1557. Central Asia
Muhammad   Murad Samarkandi BEWAILING   THE   LOSS   OF   ISKENDER, Firdawsi. Shah-nama

This small miniature is stretched out horizontally. The central part is for people bewailing the loss of Iskender. There are no harsh gestures, face emotions, every element in the picture is for creating the sad atmosphere of the moment.
Its rare case when the author uses black colour in miniature painting of Central Asia, but here it serves to render the tragic moment as well. Asymmetrical composition and way of text writing is done for the same purpose.
Unusual style and democratic tendency distinguish Muhammad Murad among the art people of Central Asia in XVI century.