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Tortoise the traveler. Jami. Tukhfat al-akhrar. MS SPL. Dorn 425, f. 46a. Second half of the 16th century. Bukhara
TORTOISE THE TRAVELLER, Jami. Tukhfat al-akhrar

In Jamis poem Tukhfat al-akhrar chapter Semeritsy contains twenty makale, each of them is ended by a parable. E.g. the parable about the tortoise the traveler (in Russia it is about the frog the traveler). The tortoise asked the ducks to take her to fly. The main idea of the parable: not to chat.
This is a genre miniature. The author follows the text. People in the bottom of the picture are looking with great interest at the flying tortoise. Peoples figures are shown according to the painting rules of XVI century. Only an old man does not pay attention to this.
There are a lot of bright different colours contrasting each other. In Central Asian miniature painting it is typical to depict a stream as a silver path with multi-coloured lining.