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A beauty and the old man in love with her. Jami. Tukhfat al-akhrar. MS SPL. Dorn 425, f. 58. Second half of the 16th century. Bukhara
A BEAUTY   AND THE  OLD MAN IN LOVE WITH HER, Jami. Tukhfat al-akhrar

An old man saw a beautiful woman in the garden and fell in love with her.
The composition is done in court style of miniature painting. Against the golden background there is a palace where we see curious spectators near the window. Around the palace there is a garden with an almond-tree. The slim figure of the woman outlines the body of this tree. Next to the woman we see the old man. Joy spirit is rendered by bright colours.
Geometrical and clear outlines, type of the characters and their dresses are typical for Bukhara school.
Jamis idea is rendered not very good. On the contrary, colour scheme of the picture makes us to forget about the idea of the scene and make it just festive.