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Sheikh Sanaan grazing pigs. Navoi. Birds Language. The National Library, Paris. Suppl. turk 996, f.25. 1553. Bukhara

In the poem Birds Language by Navoi one tells about the birds who wanted to find Semurg to make him their tsar. On their way the hoopoe tells the other birds old parables. One of them is about sheikh Sanaan who fell in love with a Christian girl and so he has to get her religion. Through renunciation and submission he is blessed.
We see sheikh grazing pigs, it is the lowest level for a Moslem. Those who came to meet him are very sorrow for their Murid. Around the sheikh there are dirty pigs. The idea of the poem is rendered by the author in full size. Special type of the faces, laconic desert landscape, large figures and colour scheme are typical for Bukhara school.