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The king finds kazi drunk. Saadi. Gulistan. MS SPL, PNS 110, f. 83b. 1566-1567. Bukhara

This scene is from the parable About love and youth. An old judge kazi fell in love with a young woman. A tsar got to know about it and came to the kazi to check it. Once he came in he found the kazi drunk.
The composition of the miniature is richly ornamented with a lot of architectural details. In the upper part of the picture there is a harem; looking out women; a garden. A bit lower there is the drunk kazi in the yard and his friend. We see tsars condemnation; the street in front of the house is full of the suite and tsar horse.
Complex composition, ornament and, especially, a night with a lot of stars sky that is rather rare case for Maverannakhr school painting.