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Abdullah. Lovers. Saadi. Bustan. MS SPL, PNS 269, Frontispiece, ff. 2b, 3. 1575-1576. Bukhara
Abdullan LOVERS, Saadi. Bustan

Abdullan LOVERS, Saadi. Bustan

Double frontispieces were rather neutral and were very popular in manuscripts of Abdullah-Khan II period. Small scale and colour scheme, rhythm give the way to large elements and bright colours. Frontispieces of 1520s and 1570s differ greatly from each other.
Images of the characters changes as well. Small lips of men and women are close to their noses and chins seem larger; their hands and foots are too small. Line of the girl head and her shoulder written in special way, flowers near the stream, a cloth in stripe covering the carpet are typical for Abdullah artist.
Plain content of the story: vicissitude of love, quarrels and making-up creates optimistic impression of life, but Sufi ideology read the miniatures as limited human mind, judging human wishes and aims