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Semurg carrying off baby Zala. Firdawsi. Shah-nama. MS C-822 IOS AS USSR, f. 35a. Late 15th century. Samarkand

Owner of Zabulistan Knight Sum has got a son he was looking forward to. His son was an albino. Sum was shocked by sons grey hair and ordered to throw secretly the baby Zal at the Elbrus foot. On the summit of this mountain the beautiful bird Semurg lived. Semurg took Zal to the nest and brought up with its nestling. Zal became a very strong and handsome young man and later he came back to his father. On the miniature we see the moment of Zals salvation. The painting is more than a page. The composition renders dynamics and tragedy of the event.
This miniature is a blue symphony (blue, light-blue, lilac colours used in depicting sky, mountains, the bird) with a contrasting spots of a man and his horse.