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Muhammads ascension on burak. Amir Khosrov Dihlevi. The History of Khyzr-Khan MS SPL, PNS 276, f. 8b. 1598. Bukhara
MUHAMMAD'S ASCENSION OX BURAK, Amir Khosrov Dihlevi. The History of Khyzr-Khan

We see legendary flight of Muhammad on burak which is a magic she-centaur with a peacock tail. On this miniature the animal burak has a woman face with dark hair and earrings in the ears. Muhammad is dressed in plain gown and with a small turban. The style of the picture is taken out of Far East art. E.g. angels with plates in their hands. In art of Iran and Central Asia there are special ways to depict a man but at the same time there are some borrowings from art of other countries. These borrowings is applied for depicting otherworldly things, angels, demons, magic animals changing them a little bit according to the national terms.