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Hunting in the mountains. Jami. Subkhat al-abrar. The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin. Pers. 238, frontispiece. First quarter of the 17th century. Samarkand
HUNTING IN THE MOUNTAINS, Jami. Subkhat al-abrar

Scenes of feast and hunting as embodiment of joy and entertainment for noble people are often depicted by miniaturists of Central Asia and India for diptychs. If we compare Samarkand diptych with hunting scene of XV century with that miniature, we see great contrast between them. On the miniature of XVII there is no complete composition, the figures are not so small. On the miniature of XV all characters are in motion, but here we see dynamics only looking at two parts of diptych united by one landscape background with mountain outlines, trees, etc.
Some details are close to the miniature of Muhammad- Dervish. Probably, he is the author of this miniature.