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Muhammad-Sherif. The shax and a dervish. Saadi. Bustan. The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin. Pers. 297 f. 16. 1616. Samarkand
Muhammad-Sherif THE SHAH AND A DERVISH, Saadi. Bustan

Conversation between the ruler and the dervish is shown traditionally against the background of the tsar palace. In the centre of composition there is the ruler on the sofa and in front of him court people, servants and the dervish talking with two noble men.
Calligraphy on the top of the aivan says that this list was done for Muslim library.
Composition is built along the axe. But diagonal placement of the figures breaks the statics of the composition. Atmosphere of the miniature is anxious. Gestures of the characters, different poses of the men, complex turn of their figures prove that. Landscape helps to create such atmosphere as well.
This miniature shows us palaces of Central Asia of XVII century, we do not have them in real now. Many details and elements and style of this miniature prove that it is done in Samarkand not in Bukhara as it has supposed before.