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Timur feasts in the environs of Samarkand. Sharuf ad-din Ali Yesdy. Zafar-nama. MS IOS AS Uzbek SSR, 4472, f. 288a. 1628. Samarkand
TIMOR FEASTS IN THE ENVIRONS OF SAMARKAND, Sharuf ad-din Ali Yezdy. Zafar-nama

Traditional scenes of tsar picnic in the open air we met on previous miniatures of XV-XVI centuries. But this miniature has its own style. The illustrator of Shah-nama shows us the tsar after his victory in 1493 year near Samarkand. Timur is in the composition centre under the canopy; in front of him there are three young men with cups; around the tsar there are servants, musicians and court people with quivers. In this peaceful scene there is the same dynamics that we see in battle scenes, e.g. interesting poses of the characters, unusual line of the trees and rich colour scheme.
The style of this illustration to the miniature of Muhammad-Sherif of 1616 lets us guess that this miniature is done by the same author.