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Muhammad Mukim. Barbad playing for Khosrov. Firdawsi. Shah-nama. MS IOS AS Uzbek SSR, 3463, f. 508a. 1664. Bukhara
Muhammad Mukim BARBAD PLAYING FOR KHOSROV, Ftrdawsi. Shah-nama

Distinguished Oriental musician Barbad born in Merva was a composer and singer. He served to Sasanid tsar Khosrov Parviz (591 628). In the miniature the author depicts the scene of tsars relaxation in the open air. In the centre of composition there is a tsar, his servants, falconers and singing Barbad.
On the step of the ottoman there is an inscription: written by pitiful Mukhammad-Mukim. Large figures, laconic landscape contrasting colour scheme is typical for Mukhammad-Mukim