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Muhammad Mukim. The fest Siyavush of the fire. Firdawsi. Shah-nama. MS IOS AS Uzbek SSR, 3463, f. 102a. 1664. Bukhara
Muhammad Mukim THE FEST SIYAVUSH OF THE FIRE, Firdawsi. Shah-nama

Traditional episode the fest Siyavush of the fire repeated many times by illustrators to Shah-nama but on this miniature of XVII century it is depicted in other way. Usually the young man is shown dressed in white on the horse. But here we see him dressed in red with the turban on his head sitting in the fire. Four witnesses among which there is Siyavushs father Feridun are in the foreground emphasizing this act of justifying of the innocent young man.
To renew the composition and colour scheme the author sets his own vision of this scene against the traditional presentation.