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Mullo Bekhzad. Farhad and Shirin. Nizami. Hamsa. The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin. Pers. 276, f. 57. 1668-1671. Bukhara
Mullo Bekhzad FARHAD AND SHIRIN Nizami. Hamsa

Farkhad is a very clever man in Nizamis poem Khosrov and Shirin. He fell in love with beautiful Shirin. He built a channel between the mountains for herb, but she was still beyond the reach.
We see the scene on the bank of the river where Farhad and Shirin are talking. Farhad is composed keeping inside his emotions and feelings. The girls in the foreground are more emotional, they discuss this meeting.
Images of the women have a lot of Indian features, but the rock landscape and face of Farhad is typical Central Asian. This miniature depicts Kashmir tendency in Bukhara painting school.