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Muhammd Mukim. Fitna heaving a bull-calf. Nizami. Hamsa. The Chester Library, Dublin. Pers. 276, f. 171. 1668-1671. Bukhara
Muhammad Mukim FITNA HEAVING A BULL-CALF Nizami. Hamsa

In poem Seven beautiful women there is a story about Bakhram Gur and his lover Fitne. He ordered to kill her because she didnt show her joy seeing his courage and skills in hunting. She said it was the result of many days of training. From death the girl was saved by an old man. He taught her to bear a bull-calf every day upstairs. One day Bakhram Gur turned out in this house and saw a beautiful woman who brought to him a bull-calf. He was surprised by the fact that Fitne is alive and he was very glad.
There are some miniatures with this scene. The variant from Bukhara has good composition: diagonal line goes from the old man to the girl with the bull-calf and then to the shah. This miniature gives the impression about the house of XVII century.