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Mir Alishir Navoi and the prince. Sultan-Husain Baikara. Madjlis al-Ushshak. MS IOS AS Uzbek SSR, 65, f. 143b. Late 17th or early 18th century. Bukhara
MIR ALISHIR NAVOI AND THE PRINCE, Sultan-Husain Baikara.  Madjlis  al-Ushshak

Alishir Navoi (14411501) is a prominent Uzbek poet, friend and vizier of Sultan-Husain Baikara. This is miniature of the second illustrator of the list Gathering of lovers. It is only a sketch, the author has no time to colour it. Here we see classical and traditional painting of Maverannakhr and Khorasan schools. There is very good composition (a tent, part of the house with a column). The poet is elegant with dark beard, by his side there is a well dressed young man in rich turban with a feather.